Lisa Ling's 'Secret Life Of Seniors' Includes 97-Year-Old Track Record Breaker (VIDEO)

We knew we weren't the only ones inspired by the charisma and talent seen in seniors around the world. "Our America," a documentary series starring reporter Lisa Ling, aired an episode this season called "The Secret Life of Seniors" highlighting the new realities of a graying population -- more likely to continue their active lifestyle than to settle in for a nice game of mahjong.

We were especially touched and inspired by Ida, one of the seniors Ling profiles in the episode. The 97-year-old continues training for a marathon, even as she deals with fluctuating blood pressure.

"I am always concerned," Ida's daughter and coach Shelley, said. "The frailty of her body does not escape me.

"Sometimes, before I run, I feel like maybe I'm too tired," Ida said.

But that doesn't stop the 97-year-old from competing in an open race with runners more than half her age.

To see Ida's story -- and see if she breaks the record for her age group -- watch the video above.



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