Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General And "Candidate 2", Says She Spoke To Blagojevich Once This Year (VIDEO)

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan appeared on MSNBC this afternoon to reiterate the fact that she preferred to keep her distance from the disgraced governor.

As Candidate 2, the Politico reports, Madigan did nothing wrong.

Her presence in the complaint:

On November 6, 2008, ROD BLAGOJEVICH talked with Spokesman. ROD BLAGOJEVICH told Spokesman to leak to a particular columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, that Senate Candidate 2 is in the running for the vacant Senate seat. According to ROD BLAGOJEVICH, by doing this, he wanted "to send a message to the [President-elect's] people," but did not want it known that the message was from ROD BLAGOJEVICH.

Thereafter, ROD BLAGOJEVICH and Spokesman discussed specific language that should be used in the Sun Times column and arguments as to why Senate Candidate 2 made sense for the vacant Senate seat. A review of this particular Sun Times column on November 7, 2008, indicates references to the specific language and arguments regarding Senate Candidate 2 as a potential candidate for the Senate seat, as discussed by ROD BLAGOJEVICH and Spokesman.

Madigan went so far as to say that, because she knew of the corruption --and investigation-- surrounding the governor, she has only spoken to him once this year: at the Democratic National Convention.