Lisa Murkowski, John Barrasso Heckled At Alaska GOP Convention

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) faced a tough crowd at the Alaska Republican Party Convention on Friday, where she was heckled onstage by a group including Ron Paul supporters.

Murkowski was introducing guest speaker Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyoming), when a woman yelled, “Republicans rise!” and began addressing Murkowski.

Barrasso was also interrupted several times. A man screamed, "She's weak!" after Barrasso praised Murkowski, and a group booed and began chanting "Ron Paul" after Barrasso announced his support for Mitt Romney.

Watch the video, from YouTube user OccupyFromTheNorth:

Murkowski told the Alaska Dispatch that she didn't believe Ron Paul's organization had planned the protest, saying, "I didn’t understand them to be an organization that acts in a manner like that."

Paul organizer Evan Cutler apologized for the incident the next day, calling it "completely inappropriate," the Dispatch reported.

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