Lisa Murkowski Painted As 'Princess,' Crybaby In Conservative Ad (VIDEO)

A conservative PAC is raising money to run an ad on Alaska airwaves that paints Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski as an entitled 'princess' and crybaby for deciding to stay on the ballot as a write-in candidate in November after her loss to to tea party favorite Joe Miller in last month's primary.

The ad, which Let Freedom Ring PAC is currently trying to get on the radio, coldly describes Frank Murkowski's decision to pass his Senate seat onto his daughter, Lisa, after he was elected governor in 2002.

"Once upon a time in Alaska, there lived a royal family with a king named Frank. One day, King Frank gave his daughter Lisa a very special present, a Senate seat. The people were not so happy that King Frank gave her the Senate seat, because really, it wasn't his to give away. But they were polite people, and they let Princess Lisa keep it for a while. Then the people decided that Lisa had kept it long enough. But Lisa was outraged, she wanted to keep the people's seat," the ad's narrator reads over a fairy tale rendition of the "Hush, Little Baby" lullaby.

Then things get nasty.

"It's mine, it's mine. Daddy gave it to me. Mine, mine, mine," a Murkowski impersonator whines, making the Senator out to be a petulant spoiled child.

"But this seat doesn't belong to Lisa, it belongs to the people of Alaska. America doesn't have royalty," the narrator reads. "Not pretty. In fact, pretty ugly, Lisa."

Though Murkowski did win reelection once in 2004, her decision to continue seeking reelection without the aid of the Republican ticket has been heavily criticized by the GOP.

Murkowski is looking likely to stir more controversy in upcoming weeks, as Politico reports that she is considering airing ads that feature the late former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, which he filmed for her shortly before his death in August.