Lisa Schulner, Madewell Styling Director, Tells Us Why She Goes A Week Without Washing Her Hair

It's not everyday that we spot a girl who can pull off overalls as well as Lisa Schulner. So when we found out she actually works in our office building, we were surprised we had never noticed her before.

It was clear from the outset that the Madewell styling director had great personal style, but it wasn't until we started chatting that we realized we had stumbled upon a beauty savant. "My hair is going on nearly a week without a washing, with the added patina of an international flight," Schulner told us. "But with curly, wavy hair like mine, 'dirty' seems to suit it best." Ugh, we wish our hair looked like this after a week without shampooing.

"As the stylist for Madewell, I get to do a bit of international travel. I stock up at pharmacies wherever I am, tailing the makeup artists for insider intel," said Schulner. Her extravagant drugstore beauty finds include imported deodorant and Vichy moisturizer, which can (thankfully) be found in this country.

lisa Photo/Art: Raydene Salinas

Beauty Street Style: Lisa Schulner

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