NYT Best-Selling Author Lisa Scottoline Shares Her Parenting Wisdom

Lisa Scottoline climbed the literary best-seller list with her legal thrillers, but her newest book "Have A Nice Guilt Trip" features essays on the mother-daughter relationship and enlists the help of a very special co-writer: Francesca Serritella, her daughter.

The two ladies joined HuffPost Live on Tuesday to share the lessons they've gleaned from their own relationship.

Scottoline emphasized the importance of parents suppressing their natural inclination to speak off-the-cuff, a tip she acquired after witnessing her own mother react poorly to her brother's tattoo.

"It is really something that maybe in the first instinct we do, and the second instinct is to hold back," she told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani. "Sometimes as parents you have to, like, tell yourself to shut up."

Unsurprisingly, her daughter reinforced that sentiment.

"You want to remain that soft place to fall for your grown child," she said. "We've had disagreements -- we've disagreed about people I've dated, you know, she's not always on board with everything, but she always keeps her opinions soft enough that I can then come to tell her if something's going wrong with that boyfriend."

Hear more from Lisa and Francesca in the full HuffPost Live segment below:



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