LISTEN: Eddie Vedder's Cubs Song

Pearl Jam frontman-- and lifelong Cubs fan-- Eddie Vedder wrote a song for his beloved ballclub at the request of Cubs legend Ernie Banks.

The result is "All the Way," an earnest fan's tribute with lines like ''Our heroes wear pinstripes / pinstripes in blue / give us a chance to feel like heroes, too / Forever we'll win and if we should lose, you know someday we'll go all the way.''

The song is getting increasing amounts of play on Chicago radio stations and Wrigleyville bars as the Cubs close in on the playoffs.

Listen to a version of the song recorded live at the Vic here.

Download the 'official' version of "All the Way," recorded in August during Vedder's solo show at the Auditorium Theatre, here.

Compare "All the Way" to the ultimate Cubs anthem, "Go, Cubs, Go," by the late Chicago folkie Steve Goodman.

Watch below:

Goodman practically defined the Cubs music canon with his song "A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request":