LISTEN: Our Team Makes WWDC And Google I/O Predictions

Each week, the HuffPost Code team meets to discuss tech news and interview special, technically-skilled guests for the Floating Points Podcast. In this episode, the team reviews Facebook Flo and EmpireJS, and derails into a heated JavaScript discussion in which the lone JavaScript developer is accused of having Stockholm Syndrome and must defend himself. The conversation is recovered by special guests Andrew Schwimmer, an Android Developer at The Huffington Post and Dulio Denis, an iOS Developer at Dog on a Horse. Denis begins the segment by taking out his WWDC Wishlist – a running list that he keeps on his person at all times, and discusses his hopes and dreams for the upcoming conference. This inspires Schwimmer to make a list of his own, resulting in a mobile-rich dialogue where startling predictions are made.

Want to know what to expect at WWDC and Google I/O? Need a hot domain to buy? Interested in Segway crashes? Do not miss this podcast.