Listen To Justin Trudeau Passionately Make The Case For Gender Equality

"We know if kids grow up in a more equal world, it is a better world.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is even dreamier than usual when he talks about gender equality.

During HeForShe’s second anniversary event Tuesday night, Trudeau made a surprise appearance and committed to being a HeForShe champion for youth engagement. The 44-year-old prime minister also gave a powerful speech about feminism and explained why men are integral in the fight for gender equality.

“There are few causes that I am as passionate about as the one that is at the core of the HeForShe movement,” Trudeau told the crowd. “The need for gender equality and the need to have everyone, men and women alike, doing their part to help get us there.”

Emma Watson gave Trudeau a HeForShe pin before he spoke.

Trudeau explained that although his HeForShe title includes the word “champion,” he doesn’t feel like one. “The word ‘champion,’ when I think about myself, feels a little strange,” the self-proclaimed feminist said. “You see, I don’t think that anyone should find it remarkable that someone like me — a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a political leader — should be interested in advancing opportunities for women and girls. I say that because I think that everybody should be in the business of improving opportunities for women and girls.”

Women’s issues, he said, are everyone’s issues.

“When women and girls get ahead, everyone does better in society,” Trudeau said. “It’s not just about women’s issues, it’s about all of our issues. And teaching that to our kids is really, really important. Because we know if kids grow up in a more equal world, it is a better world.”

We could not agree more.

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