Listen to My Art Speak for Itself

I spend thousands of hours with my hands in motion, creating and intertwining my art and work. Loop after loop, hour after hour, I crochet.

The End Is Far, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, photo: Karl Giant

I crochet art installations, performances and actions to comment on the economic and social realities of the variety of communities I have been part of, to bring color, energy and surprises to the spaces we live in. 
For me, life, crochet and art are inseparable. Anyone who enters my world will be sooner or later become transformed into my pieces. Lovers, friends, complete strangers. Artists, dancers, lawyers, doctors, students, writers, musicians, folks from every imaginable corner of the universe. But then they undress, step inside my full body suits and wait to be stitched in. The suits take on their forms, but the form inside becomes completely invisible.
Don't you ever wonder who is hidden inside these silent, crocheted skins? Who exactly are these people who allow me to encase them from head to toe? You have to find the end of the yarn to unravel the story. But here -- I'll show it to you. Pull on the string and discover the identities of the mysterious figures who serve long hours silently camouflaged within my environments. We'll unravel the masks and ask them to speak -- to reveal their thoughts, fears and observations while being my art. Listen to my art speak for itself.