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Listen With Your Heart

Have you ever considered the idea that everything we truly need to hear or know might not come from our minds after all? What if great wisdom and guidance can be heard when we listen to the soft whisper of our heart.
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Have you ever considered the idea that everything we truly need to hear or know might not come from our minds after all? What if great wisdom and guidance can be heard when we listen to the soft whisper of our heart.

From a young age, we are taught to make sense of the world and lead our lives with our minds. We are trained to use logic, strategy and systems to compartmentalize everything into a resemblance of order. The way we define order depends on the society and culture we live in.

I can't help but notice we come into this world with something else even more powerful than our logical systems. Our intuition is an inherent trait we can use to help us create a deeper sense of understanding and peace with life. It is our natural sense and awareness of the world and is a part of who we are -- it is our birthright. Yet, we are often directed away from our intuition. Rarely are we instructed to utilize or develop this incredibly powerful guidance system.

When we listen to our intuition and lead our lives from our hearts, life has a way of falling into place in a more orderly fashion than we ever could have imagined with our minds.

When we listen with our hearts, the stress, worries and stories we create in our minds, lose their power. Instead, we begin to find our natural groove. When we listen with our hearts, it is easy to decipher what is true in our minds and what is fiction. Our heart's voice will always show us what is true, and will lead us towards seeing and feeling love. This is where deep understanding comes from.

Here are the 3 key things I have experienced from listening and leading life from my heart. Perhaps they will resonate and encourage you to listen and lead from your heart's voice and truth.

1) Your Heart's Voice Can Always be Heard

Our intuition is always there to guide us. It doesn't need to be coaxed out of us and it doesn't require specific training to be able to hear it either. We already have everything we need in order to hear our heart's voice. Simply remove the noise, get quiet and there it will be. The sound of our heart is a soft whisper that can be felt. This voice is kind and always has a loving tone. You can even ask yourself a question and then get quiet for the truth to come to the surface. You know it is coming from your heart when it isn't wrapped in stories, logic and details. Instead the answer is usually obvious and is one that is always kind to yourself and others around you. The great news is, the more we listen to our intuition, the easier it becomes to hear.

2) You Gain a Sense of Freedom When You Honor Your Heart's Voice

When we look outside of ourselves for answers we already know on a cellular level, we are in essence turning our backs on ourselves. There can be a real uneasy feeling that comes when we ignore our intuition and truth. When we trust ourselves to listen to the soft whisper of our heart, life begins to feel lighter. We get into the driver's seat of our lives when we follow through on our inclinations. Sometimes honoring our heart's voice means taking a step in a particular direction. Other times it will be walking away from something that doesn't feel right in our gut.

The world will forever teach us new things about ourselves. We will have opportunities to learn new things at every turn. So explore, experience and learn. Just be sure to do it from the perspective of an adventurer and an explorer, not from the false belief of being a lost soul who doesn't know the way. You are powerful and there is freedom in stepping into that place.

3) Your Heart's Voice Removes Complexity and Adds Clarity

When we are always looking for direction outside of ourselves, we give our power over to a constantly moving target. This can create a feeling of going in circles or being trapped in a belief that you don't know what is best for yourself. The truth is, you and only you can ever really know what is best for you. There is no need to look outside. When we lead our lives from the voice within us, everything that seemed hard and complicated becomes crystal clear.

What might change for you, if you made a habit of listening to your heart?

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