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Literally Just Six Minutes Of These Twins Being Ridiculously Cute

Because we all need this.

Ami and Justin McClure created a YouTube channel to document their twins’ adorable conversations and ended up with so much material, they made a 6-minute video of the “best of McClure Twins.”

The 3-and-a-half-year-old identical twins, Ava and Alexis, first charmed the internet with their video in which Alexis learns Ava is one minute older than she is, and Ava comforts her. Now their latest video, which has been viewed more than 5 million times on Facebook as of Thursday, features more of their cute shenanigans.

From telling each other “if you need me just call me” to trying to decipher each other’s toddler babbler, the twins are naturals in front of the camera.

Ami told The Huffington Post her favorite part of the video is when Ava asks her, “Why you not talking?” while being filmed. Justin especially loves when Alexis “waxes philosophy.”

“It’s so sweet and adorable,” he said.

As one of the girls says, “They look at me ‘cause I’m so cute.”

Can’t argue with that.

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