Lithium-ion cell batteries are safe

Lithium-ion batteries are getting a bad rap. Hysterics are actions of the ignorant. When a car gas tank catches fire, no one screams in the street, “Gas tanks are horrific, ban them now.”

“Even as Samsung has stopped production of its Galaxy Note 7 after its lithium batteries sparked fires, another company, Roylco, is recalling toy educational light cubes because their lithium battery can overheat and catch fire.

But Hank Sybesma, who some call the foremost expert on this subject in West Michigan and whose company tests lithium batteries, says he doesn’t think there’s a cause for great concern.

“There are millions and millions of these batteries being used every day, and they’re safe,” he said. “There is obviously something going on with some of the batteries out there. I think in an effort to make a battery have more power … it’s possible that we’re seeing some companies that are maybe doing some incorrect steps to get to get to that point where we can get more power. More bang for the buck — well, unfortunately, the bang is going the wrong way.”

Overall, he said, the batteries are stable and don’t just self-destruct. Managing systems, he said, are usually the problem. That being said, he said he doesn’t yet have enough evidence to know what’s causing the fires in the Galaxy Note 7s.”

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