Tiny Road Signs For Animals Let Cute Critters Live Their Best Lives

Don't be a road (hedge)hog.

Hedgehogs and birds and cats  -- oh my!

These are just a few of the majestic creatures that inhabit planet Earth, and they deserve a place here just as much as us silly humans. To protect our fellow organisms, Clinic 212 -- a creative agency in Vilnius, Lithuania -- has created tiny road signs for these species to “show that we are not the only ones living in the city,” the group wrote on its website.

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The idea for “Tiny Road Sign” came to project manager Martynas Karpovicius while he was riding home in a cab at night.

“I saw a hedgehog passing through the street and it was so dark that the taxi driver barely saw hedgie,” he told The Huffington Post in an email. “ So I decided to make a road sign in Vingis Park, [a famous] park in Vilnius.” 

The signs are intended to raise awareness and serve as a reminder to cyclists and walkers passing by that the Earth is a shared space between humans and animals. 


In four different locations, the group installed teeny tiny signs to get their big message across. Two signs in Vingis Park are for birds and hedgehogs, with two others nearby hoping to protect other birds (ducks, specifically) and homeless cats.


So, whatever your size or species, these little signs make it clear that this big, wonderful world has room for everyone.


Including this adorable little hedgehog!


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