Lithuanian Man Who Called For 'Another Hitler' To Kill Gays In Response To Lady Gaga Comments Fined

Lady Gaga's outspoken support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community has undoubtedly divided a fair number of music fans in the past. But now, one Lithuanian man's online homophobic rant after the pop diva criticized his nation's treatment of LGBT people is making headlines.

As Pink News is reporting, a 37-year-old Lithuanian man has been ordered to pay a fine of 1560 Lithuanian litas (approximately $594) after calling on Facebook for "another Hitler" to kill gays, in response to a posted article about Lady Gaga's comments about the local government.

"What we need is another Hitler to exterminate those fags ‘cause there’s just too many of them multiplying," the man, identified as a furniture maker, is quoted as saying in the article.

Pink Paper cities Lithuanian news service Delfi.it as reporting that the First District Court of Vilnius City judged that the man used "inflammatory rhetoric and encouraged mockery, defiance, discrimination and physical violence against a group of people or its members on the grounds of sexual orientation."

The man later apologized for his actions, stating, "It was not my intention to call for violence against gays and I feel sorry for what was written –- I did not expect that this comment would insult anyone in the public domain."

Meanwhile, as Queerty is pointing out, Lady Gaga's faithful legion of "little monsters" needn't fret as the star still has plenty of Lithuanian fans, including pop group So So Bad, who produced this song in honor of Gaga:

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