Litquake San Francisco: Your Ultimate Guide To Navigating Literary Takeover (PHOTOS)

LITQUAKE: Navigate The Week With Out Editors Picks

With nine days, more than 80 events and dozens of venues, navigating the Litquake schedule can feel a bit like perusing The Complete Novels of Leo Tolstoy. Stars like Chelsea Handler and Jeffrey Eugenides will surely bring the masses, but what about the litany of indie readings? Should you feign a doctor's appointment to catch one of the 3 o'clocks? Splurge on the ticketed events? Don't fret: HuffPost has got you covered. While we wholeheartedly suggest making a week of it, here are our editors' event picks if you can only make one or two. Or six.

Check out our picks in the slideshow below:

Litquake in the Bookstore: Chuck Klosterman

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