Little Boy As Carl From 'Up': Mom Makes Toddler A Pixar Character (PHOTOS)

You may have won your local costume contest, but this little boy had just about the cutest ensemble in the history of the holiday.

Stephanie Read, a natural light Lifestyle photographer in the greater Dallas and Salt Lake City area, is a mother of three young children, including one year old Rizden. In search of a Halloween costume for the little guy, she told HuffPost that she noticed that between his white hair and reliance on a walker to stand up (hey, he's still learning!), he'd make a perfect tiny version of Carl, the adventurous old man from the Pixar film, "Up." Boy was she right.

Of course, Carl was cute in that sad old man way, hiding his heartbreak with a bad attitude, and Rizden is cute in that adorable toddler way, but still, it's a perfect match. We especially love the use of the 3D glasses with the lenses popped out, too; very DIY.

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