Little Boy Buys A Domino's Pizza With His Dad, Signs Receipt With A Very 'Legit' Signature

Well, That's One Way To Pay For A Pizza

Today's Cute Kid Note shows just how amusing a simple pizza run can be.

Title: DAD at Domino's

Author: Boy ordering pizza with his dad

Age: Young enough to think his father's name is "Dad"

Backstory: A boy paid for his Domino's pizza using his father's credit card (with his dad's supervision, of course). According to TODAY, the kid took the card out of his pocket, swiped and when the cashier gave him the receipt, he signed for his dad, too ... if you count the below as a signature.

Alter Ego: The cashier's brother uploaded a photo of the receipt to Reddit, where we see that the boy in question also ordered under the name "Thomas Jefferson."

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