Little Boy Tries Atomic Warhead For First Time, Conquers Holy Grail Of Sour Candy (VIDEO)

Determined Toddler Pops First Atomic Warhead In His Mouth, Reacts Hilariously

Oh, the joys of childhood and its many firsts: riding a bike, learning to swim and, of course, trying an Atomic Warhead.

In this adorably hilarious home video, which has more than 425,000 views on YouTube, toddler Brayden attempts to conquer the Holy Grail of Halloween candy.

According to YouTube user "ElDiPabloere," Brayden's family "warned him it was super sour, but he wanted to eat it anyway."

The video documents the little boy's anxious anticipation as well as his rather horrified realization that it really was as bad as he thought it was going to be. However, the clip ends with a joyful butt-wiggling dance as the boy realizes the worst is over, and he has survived.

YouTube abounds with similar examples. In July, a little boy was filmed taking a bite from his first spicy pepper, which he does not like in the least. And in September, a video montage of babies and toddlers tasting Moose Tracks Ice Cream for the first time, with much more favorable reactions, got over half a million hits.

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