Little Dog Hightails It While Driving Fancy Car Collection

At least he isn't texting.

This dog is a smooth operator.

Luigi Maestro, a 5-year-old Shih Tzu, drives around New York City in a remote-controlled mini-car collection worth $1,500, Barcroft Animals reports in the video above.

Owner Anisha Lakhani helps Luigi choose from a Bentley, a Ferrari a Porsche and a BMW, plus an array of fancy outfits to look good behind the wheel.

“I’m gonna go bold and I’m gonna say that Luigi Maestro has the largest car collection in the United States and possibly out of any dog on Planet Earth,” Lakhani says in the clip.

Luigi gets plenty of mileage out of adoring onlookers, who thank Lakhani for making them smile, she says.

In addition to being a “car collector,” the pooch is also a “neurotic, complicated New Yawker,” according to his Instagram.

Here’s Luigi tooling around recently in the park and quoting Ferris Bueller:

 Nobody does Park Avenue like Luigi: 

My little Luigi has always been an Upper East Side high-roller,” Lakhani told Bravo. 




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