10 Tiny Gestures That'll Make You Feel Enormously Loved

It doesn't take a lot to make someone feel loved.

Sweetness is in the little things.

A small gesture that takes close to no effort on your end can transform somebody's entire day. Yesterday, a Reddit user asked the community a simple question that elicited a number of heartfelt responses: "What small gesture makes you feel enormously loved?"

From checking in on a co-worker who's absent from work to leaving a short, hand-written note to remind someone you love them, it's important to remember that a little love can go a long way. Scroll through some of our favorite responses below, and you'll be convinced that people do appreciate even the tiniest acts of kindness.

1. Leaving a surprise post-it note.

2. Checking in on a co-worker.

3. Sharing a link with someone who you know will enjoy it.

4. Becoming family.

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5. Saying "I love you."

6. Remembering a little detail.

7. Making a meal for someone.

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8. Picking up little gifts.

9. Just being there.

10. Sharing a space.

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