Little Girl Sees Herself For The First Time After Cleft Lip Surgery; The Internet Smiles (VIDEO)

Little Girl Sees Herself For The First Time After Cleft Lip Surgery

Grab those tissues: A heart-squeezing video of a doe-eyed little girl from Brazil has reminded us just how timeless and priceless the gift of a smile can be.

Though it was first uploaded in 2010, the video -- which shows a pint-sized child named Talita before and after undergoing cleft lip surgery -- has been experiencing a viral resurgence on Reddit this week as thousands of netizens tremble with happiness at the girl's moving story.

"It didn't seem she was told her whole life she was a princess. That she was coddled and told she was special and she should have gotten a better lot in life," wrote Reddit user "compto35" after watching Talita's reaction to seeing her face post-surgery.

"This wasn't something she's been conditioned to know she deserved. We experienced her self-discovery of a reality she never really even imagined -- without performance, without superficial overblown reactions, without filter… And that's why this little girl broke and mended my heart in the span of 45 seconds."

Operation Smile, a nonprofit that provides cleft lip and palate repair surgeries to children all over the world, is the organization behind Talita's life-changing surgery.

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