Girl's Rant About Her First Time Flirting Is Awkwardly Relatable

"I even winked at him ― two times!"
04/14/2017 07:58am ET | Updated April 20, 2017

Flirting can be painfully awkward. Ella, the young girl in the video above, learned that the hard way.

While riding in a car, Ella launched into a full-blown tirade about her first time flirting with a boy named Johan. Ella’s mother, Rachelle Coriddi, posted the video to YouTube last week, according to a Facebook post.

“Little Ella describes her first ever flirtatious fail!!” Coriddi wrote in the video’s caption. “And it’s EPIC!”

The conversation begins casually, with Ella chatting about her day at school. However, things get dicey once the adult off-camera asks if Johan likes her back.

“He said 50/50,” Ella says bashfully, to which the adult replies: “That means you got to work on that other 50 percent.”

That comment apparently didn’t sit too well with Ella, who becomes more intense.

“I dress cute! I smile at him! I even winked at him ― two times!” the young girl yells.

“And all I get back is one ― ONE! ― fake smile!” she continues.

Ella re-enacts the clumsy exchange by showing the camera what her wink looked like.

Then, she mimics the boy’s response, to her despair.

“That’s it?” the person filming asks. “That’s it,” Ella repeats, apparently defeated.

Ella somehow manages to laugh through the pain and, girl, we can relate.

Especially when she wails, “Why is my life so miserable?” “I’m trying, I’m trying!” and “I get nothing else!”

Hang in there, Ella, but don’t forget to buckle up. Single life only gets more awkward.

This story has been updated to show that Ella and her mother are saying the boy’s name as “Johan,” not John.

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