Little Girl Dances To Street Performer's Music, Shows Off Her Interpretive Dance Skills (VIDEO)

This young girl has the right idea: Always dance like no one is watching.

In an adorable video posted by YouTube user "snardlefarb," a little girl dances to a street performer's rhythmic beats, making up her own interpretive dance as she goes along.

The musician, dressed in a chicken costume, plays the bongos as the young dancer twirls, jumps and sways. Hindered by her jacket, she rips it off mid-spin and thrusts it away only to have it thrown back at her.

But that won't stop this tiny dancer; she is so engrossed in the music that she appears to not have another care in the world.

Brooklyn-based choreographer Alexandra Beller may have been inspired by a 14-month-old baby's interpretative dance skills, but we think she could take a cue from this natural.