Little Girl Rocks Out Instead Of Throwing A Traditional Tantrum (VIDEO)

WATCH: You Won't Believe What This Little Girl Sounds Like

Some kids hit and scream, and their parents call it a tantrum. Little Aralyn, shown above, calls it music.

Her band "Murp" was formed in 2010 when the then 3-year-old and her older brother Izzy wanted to land roles on Nickelodeon's iCarly. They made an audition video and sent it to the network, their dad explains on Facebook. While the little rockers didn't make the show, that first song "Don't Brush My Hair in Knots" went viral. If you couldn't guess, that's a tune in which Aaralyn goes "ballistic" about her hair being tangled.

Two years later, another Murp hit ("Zombie Skin") is making its way around the Internet. And, Aaralyn tantrum-rocks even harder this time.

Dad writes that Aaralyn and Izzy are just "two little kids trying to make sense of this big screaming at it." And unlike other artists in their genre, he says that the main influence for their music is sugar.

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