Little Girl Makes The Case For Strong Female Characters By Listing What They've Taught Her

Frustrated by the lack of strong female characters in literature? So is this little girl.

On Wednesday, military officer and author Myke Cole tweeted a page from his 10-year-old niece Mia's scrapbook in which she details the important things female literary protagonists have taught her.

"This entry made my heart grow three sizes. Made of hope," Cole wrote of the scrapbook page.

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Cole told The Huffington Post that his niece is a voracious reader and is constantly seeking out strong female protagonists.

"We have a deal," he said. "She texts me from her mom or dad's phone with a book or comic book request. I drop whatever I'm doing and order it for her online immediately. I do not censor her choices. If she wants to read it, then I want to buy it for her."

"I've worked tirelessly to instill a love of fantasy and science fiction in her, raising her on everything from Wonder Woman and Captain America to Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter," he added.

She's kept her scrapbook for about a year, he noted, and she uses it to write down "random thoughts" or fan art from her favorite books and poetry.

Cole and Mia also play video games together, and she recently became frustrated with the lack of female representation in the "Infinity Blade" series.

"I prompted her to write a letter to the CEO of the company, and he responded," Cole said. (You can read about their correspondence here.)

Mia's on the right track, if you ask us.

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