Little Girl Takes On Violent Video Game, Gets A Real Surprise (VIDEO, POLL)

We're not necessarily going call bad parenting on this one, but really?

As priceless as the look on this 3-year-old girl's face is, she doesn't look quite old enough to be playing a "Mature" video game.

And yet, she is. In this clip, the little girl plays Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, an immensely popular and categorically violent quest through fantasy worlds. She attacks a villager in the game, complete with her own toddler play-by-play ("Sword him!"). But, when guards turn on her character, she is adorably dismayed.

As Kotaku points out, the game could be teaching her a good lesson about bullying. Her father also explained why they let her play the game in a comment posted on the site.

Studies have often shown mixed results as to whether or not games actually make children and teens more violent. Then again, we're not sure anyone is testing the effects of something that isn't even sold to kids under 17 on a preschooler.

Watch the clip for yourself below (which is admittedly pretty great), and let us know how you feel in the poll below.