Little Girl Issues Serious Bedtime Ultimatum To Mom And Dad

Today's cute kid note is a far cry from "sweet dreams."

Author: Chloe

Age: 9

On the same page: Chloe joins Cute Kid Note alumnae Lucy and Lilly on the front lines of the fight against parental crankiness.

Doctor's orders: Chloe's parents might want to consider an "additude" adjustment because reading with your kids is healthy.

Update from Chloe's mom! This note was composed after Chloe's parents told their daughter she couldn't watch a second episode of "Cosmos" -- and could instead read a book in her room while mom and dad took their turn with the family TV.

So who's really to blame? Neil deGrasse Tyson and Jon Stewart (mom and dad wanted to watch "The Daily Show").

(Via Reddit; hat tip 22 Words)

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