'Little Horribles' Web Series Is The Lesbian Answer To 'Girls' (VIDEO)

A woman sits on the toilet eating dessert, looking slightly disheveled. No, it's not Hannah Horvath in "Girls" -- it's the opening credits of "Little Horribles," an awesome new web series created by writer, director and producer Amy York Rubin.

The series follows a 30-something lesbian, played by Rubin, through some of her romantic and sexual exploits. Judging from the first episode -- which is the only one currently online -- it's irreverent, funny and honest. According to the "Little Horribles" website:

Written and created by Amy York Rubin, “Little Horribles” is a darkly comedic web series following the poor decisions of a self-indulgent lesbian. The series chronicles all those things that really aren’t that big of a deal and follows Amy as she navigates her thirties in Los Angeles. Hailed as the “Lesbian ‘Girls’” (by some lesbians in Silverlake) the show rips apart and laughs in the face of those painfully uncomfortable moments that no one wants to remember, but everyone does.

The project features several familiar female comedic faces, including Issa Rae (creator of the web series "Awkward Black Girl"), who is also an executive producer on the series, and Ilana Glazer (co-creator of the viral video "Sh*t New Yorkers Say" and "Broad City," an Amy Poehler-produced comedy).

We highly recommend watching the premiere episode, titled "Sexual Activity." There's nothing like seeing a realistically awkward date or sexual experience to make you relate to a character. And as Jezebel's Laura Beck pointed out, "the world needs ... more stories by ladies for ladies." Who else is already excited for episode 2?

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