'Little Horribles,' Darkly Comedic Web Series, Explores Queerness

"Little Horribles" is a brilliant new web series from the mind of Amy York Rubin that follows the poor decisions of a self-indulgent lesbian.

Having recently wrapped up the finale episode of the 12-part first season, "Little Horribles" is currently on a hiatus until the premiere of season two. A darkly comedic web series, the show's unique tone, which has garnered the attention of the likes of Sarah Silverman, follows Rubin as she navigates the ins and outs of her 30s in Los Angeles.

In order to better understand the unique voice guiding "Little Horribles," The Huffington Post reached out to Rubin. She told us:

"Stunning" -- the [episode] where the woman tells the other girl how gorgeous she is while I just stand there, was actually the first episode we shot. I had an experience very similar to that and it was irrationally upsetting to me. I just had a moment of clarity -- after I stopped crying -- that I think people hurt other peoples' feelings all the time, like really badly, and just never have any idea about it. That moment made a light go off in my head and I started thinking about it more and more and I wanted to explore how little we connect with people around us. We have no idea what anyone is feeling most of the time and sometimes we're experiencing, in total isolation, what I call "little horribles.” Once I had this seed of an idea in my head, I started finding inspiration for episodes everywhere. It's just a matter of noticing interactions in a particular way –- and of course following through on actually completing the scripts and production.

Check out the finale of "Little Horribles" above and head here for the full first season.



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