Little League Sign For Parents Gets Straight To The Point

"I'm a KID."

When it comes to sports, sometimes players need perspective about what really matters in the grand scheme of the game. When it comes to kids' sports, sometimes it's the parents who need the reminder.

A photo that recently went viral on Imgur and Reddit shows a special sign for parents from Pleasanton Little League in Texas.

The sign lists "reminders from your child," which include "I'm a KID," "It's just a Game," "My coach is a VOLUNTEER," "The officials are HUMANS," and lastly, "NO college scholarships will be handed out today."

These sorts of reminders for parents have become somewhat common today, as similar signs have appeared around baseball fields in towns like Little Branch, Michigan; Buffalo Grove, Illinois; and Strasburg, Ohio over the past few years.

Though the Pleasanton Little League sign offers a strong message, it also ends with a lighter but equally important conclusion: "Thank you and have fun!"

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