Little League Sucker Punch: Kid Sucker Punches Opposing Team Member After Game (VIDEO)

In this astonishing video, two Little League teams outside of Seattle, Washington are engaging in the ritual walking line of high-fives after the game is over, when out of nowhere one teenager delivers a vicious sucker punch to one of his opponents. It's unclear what, if anything, prompted the blow, but the struck boy (who to his great credit stayed on his feet) was taken to the hospital for a stitched lip, and the offending teen is going to be in the hands of a juvenile court.

An MSNBC anchor described the incident as "without a doubt, a show of unsportsmanlike conduct." She has, without a doubt, the gift of understatement. Unsportsmanlike conduct is when a batter talks trash to the catcher, or someone kicks sand at an umpire after a contested call. It's a bit beyond unsportsmanlike conduct when you deliver a roundhouse punch to someone's face under the guise of giving him a high-five.