Little Leaguer Who Went Viral Tells Jimmy Kimmel How To Hit Dingers

"Keep your eye on the ball."

The Middletown, New Jersey Little League team was eliminated from competition in the Little League World Series at the regional level but its slugger, Alfred “Big Al” Delia is still riding the wave of viral fame.

Jimmy Kimmel interviewed the 12-year-old Tuesday about his introduction last week that captured the hearts of fans across the country:

Big Al, who plays pitcher, third base and outfield, told Kimmel that he never expected the attention.

“I was really shocked it went viral,” he said. “Me and my teammates couldn’t believe it.”

When Kimmel asked for advice on hitting dingers, Big Al said, “Keep your front shoulder in, try your best and just keep your eye on the ball.”

Check out the video above to hear what Big Al said about his parents.