Little Leaguer Has Sweetest Reaction After Getting Whacked In Head With Speedball

A powerful display of great sportsmanship was captured on video as two baseball teams competed for a spot in the Little League World Series.
Players from Texas East (left) and Oklahoma console each other.
Players from Texas East (left) and Oklahoma console each other.
Pat Carrigan/Little League Baseball and Softball

A little leaguer proved to have a big heart.

A touching moment caught on camera during a Little League World Series regional tournament between Oklahoma and Texas East on Tuesday was a home run on social media.

In the video — which was shot during the game’s first inning, per USA Today — Oklahoma’s Isaiah Jarvis is seen getting pelted in the head by a speedball from Texas’ pitcher, Kaiden Shelton.

The pitch is so intense, that Jarvis is seen immediately falling to the plate and hugging his head in pain.

Thankfully, Jarvis was wearing a helmet and was not injured. He was able to resume playing. After he made his way to first base, Jarvis seemed to notice that Shelton was visibly shaken up on the mound.

In response, Jarvis called time and threw viewers a huge curveball as he made his way to the mound to console Shelton.

“This is such great sportsmanship,” the game’s announcer could be heard saying in the video.

Jarvis then really hits it out of the park when he offers Shelton some words of encouragement.

“Hey, you’re doing just great,” Jarvis can be heard telling a tearful Shelton in the video.

Twitter users were also moved by the rare moment, which felt like it almost came out of left field.

See their responses below:

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