'Little Mermaid' Wedding Ideas For Your Disney-Loving Heart

'Little Mermaid' Wedding Photos For Your Disney-Loving Heart

We bet there are a lot of little kids (and quite a few not-so-little ones) who have dreamed about having a "Little Mermaid"-themed wedding.

Online wedding marketplace Your Cloud Parade recently teamed up with singer and designer Traci Hines to bring that childhood dream to life with a fantasy wedding photo shoot inspired by the beloved Disney movie. Hines plays the role of mermaid bride Ariel and model Leo Camacho plays the charming groom, Prince Eric, in the faux wedding.

Now this is a world we would love to be a part of. Check out some of the photos below for a treasure trove of under-the-sea inspiration.

For more photos from the shoot, check out the slideshow below. Credit on all photos: Mark Brooke Photography and Mathieu Photo

'Little Mermaid' Inspiration Shoot

Produced by: Your Cloud Parade | Bride: Traci Hines | Designed by Your Cloud Parade's: Lauren Coats | Groom: Leo Camacho | Videography: Sweet T Studios | Photography: Mark Brooke Photography, Mathieu Photo, Dillon Phommasa Photo | Hair & Makeup: 10.11 Makeup | Cake & Desserts: Sweet and Saucy Shop | Florist: A Blooming Bud | Silk Floral: Afloral | Mer-sister Bridesmaids (models): Charis Lincoln, Brytni Jean, Vanessa Walton, Helena Levin, Joanna Lynn, Amber Arden

Your Cloud Parade Vendors:
Bridal gown: Claire La Faye | Hair pieces: Creature of Habit | Paper goods: Typologie Co. | Tablescape: Koyal | Bow Tie: Little Byrd Shop | Plaid skirts: Fleet Collection | Shell stir sticks: Laura Hooper Calligraphy | Geometric planters: Redwood Stoneworks | Air plants: Robin Charlotte | Wands & Streamers: Kate Kate NYC | Shell crop tops: Adorkable Apparel | Shell rings: Siren’s Grotto | Tulle skirts: Dark Pony Designs

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