'Little Obama': The President Portrayed as 'The Karate Kid' (VIDEO)

You win this round, Jaden Smith. Two movies updating the saga that is "The Karate Kid" have been released and the one called "Little Obama" has somehow flown under the radar.


Okay, so it's not a straight up remake of "Karate Kid," but the tale of Obama's childhood years in Indonesia have been made into a movie with a plot that goes as follows:

American moves to Asia.
American gets picked on for being American.
American trains with Jackie Chan (or Jackie Chan stand-in) so he can fight back.

The only difference seems to be the effeminate, bike enthusiast hanging out with him and at the kids' barbecues. Oh, and the growing up to be president (we'll have to wait for the sequel to Jaden's to see if that happens). Regardless, this movie exists and is being released in Indonesia today.

Here's a still by Film Drunk that encapsulates how we feel about this: