Little Piggies Make The Most Adorable Chewing Sounds

Nom nom nom nom nom.

Most of us wouldn't want to see or, more to the point, hear humans eating loudly, would we? No, definitely not. Banish the thought.

These baby pigs, though. They're really something special. We think their little chewing noises are going to make you very happy. You may even squeal with joy.

These six piggies are recent arrivals at the Best Friends Animal Society's Utah sanctuary. Theresa, FiFi, Jubilee, Tarzan, Levi Jones and Prince Ali are about four months old and they'll be put up for adoption soon.

Jen Reid, who manages Best Friends' Piggy Paradise, told The Huffington Post she's not too sure what the little crew is chowing down on in the video, but said it's probably almonds or vegetables.

Reid is sure of one thing though: These pigs are hardly unique in just how ridiculously cute they are while eating.

"Yep, they're all lip smackers," Reid said.

Need more proof? Meet Cutie, who is also up for adoption.

The 6-year-old sweetheart has arthritis and other health issues that may have been caused by irresponsible breeding, and have been exacerbated by a broken shoulder.

But Cutie doesn't let any of that stop her from audibly and adorably chomping down on a favorite snack. 

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