10 Little Things Thoughtful Couples Do For Each Other Each Morning

This is how happy couples make the a.m. a little easier and more enjoyable.
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Mornings at home can feel crazed, especially during the weekdays with everyone rushing off to work or school. The little things couples do for each other ― whether it’s some early morning cuddles or a love note on the nightstand ― have the power to set the right tone for the day ahead.

We asked HuffPost readers to share the small things their romantic partners do that make the rest of the day so much better. See what they had to say below. And who knows ― maybe you’ll be inspired to incorporate some of these into your own daily routine.

1. They bring each other coffee or breakfast in bed.

“My partner is a sweetheart and typically brings me coffee in bed. He also is a fantastic cook and makes me oatmeal or smoothies for breakfast.” ― Kenton W.

2. They help pick out their partners’ outfits for work.

Being transgender, it can be hard to pick dude-looking outfits in the morning ― it’s a learning process. I have to catch up on a lot of style I missed out on growing up! Every day my partner helps me pick out my properly gendered, fashionable outfits. It’s a small thing, but it’s an act of kindness and acceptance that means the world to me.” ― Tom W.

3. They prep the baby’s breakfast ahead of time.

“We just had a baby and I can’t breastfeed. This has been difficult in some ways, but very strengthening to our partnership in others. I’m useless after 2 a.m. and so my husband specializes in the early, early morning feedings. He feeds her, wraps her, puts her back to bed. When I get up for her 7 a.m. feeding, there’s always a freshly made bottle waiting for me in the fridge. The fact that he takes those few extra minutes in the middle of the night ― after he’s already taken care of the baby ― to make a bottle to make my morning just that much easier feels like one more little support for our big partnership.”Meg Conley

4. They set aside time for a snuggle session.

“My boyfriend Christian is amazing! Every morning he sets his alarm 30 minutes early so we can cuddle.” Lucky H.

5. They make it a point to say ‘I love you,’ even when they’re far apart.

“My fiancée Autumn and I have been together for 18 months and we live in different cities. In that time, we have not gone one morning without texting each other to say, ‘Good morning. I love you so much,’ or one night without saying, ‘Goodnight, I love you to the moon.’ Even sometimes when we’re laying in bed together because she’s in town for the weekend, she’ll still text me good morning, just as a play on our tradition. It’s the first thing I do when I wake up: look at my phone to see if she’s texted me. If she hasn’t, I text her, though she’s almost always the first one up.” ― Neal S.

6. They leave the shower head just how their partner likes it.

“My wife always turns the shower head setting back to the one I prefer when she finishes her shower. Now if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is! I’m pretty sure it’s the gay equivalent of putting the toilet seat back down for straight couples.” ― Carrie H.

7. They warm up the car when it’s cold.

“I live in Alaska. I think it’s adorable my husband will warm my car up. So I fix him breakfast to return the kindness.” ― Savon D.

8. They have an impromptu dance party in the kitchen.

“He puts on our favorite funny hip-hop jams and rock songs and dances up behind me while I make lunches. I’m grinning from ear to ear. Silly kitchen parties with giggles at 8 a.m. are better than any club, any day.” ― Susan S.

9. They leave each other little love notes.

“He sets out my vitamins in a coffee mug along with a love note every single morning.” ― Halley M.

10. They start the day with a silly song.

“He wakes me up by singing a good morning song that he learned in pre-school. ‘Good morning to you, good morning to you, we’re all in our places with sunshiny faces and this is the way we start a new day.’ If I’m on a business trip, he’ll send it in a cute voice memo.” ― Jasmine L.

Note: Some responses have been lightly edited or condensed for clarity. The last names of some respondents have been withheld to protect their privacy.

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