Littlefinger Says Jon And Sansa Have 'New Potential' On 'Game Of Thrones'

Can we just 'ship them already?

Daenerys' ships on the "Game of Thrones" finale are nothing compared to the 'ship fans are really excited about.

Now that Sansa and Jon Snow are not actually brother and sister, the masses can't stop 'shipping them. When asked about the possibility of Sansa and Jon getting together, actress Sophie Turner told Variety that "stranger things" have happened on "Game of Thrones." And in an email interview with The Huffington Post, Littlefinger himself (Aidan Gillen) said the pair has "new potential."

When asked if we should be worried about Sansa and Jon's relationship, Gillen said, "Do you mean after the scene where it's implied strongly who Jon's parents really are? Well, their relationship has new potential now in light of that for sure. Although, I think having been brought up as siblings, they’re not going to want to go there. Anyway, while the viewers saw it in flashback, it's a secret from a long time back, so who does know? But someone must, and I wouldn’t rule anything out."

So maybe they wouldn't go "there" right away, but still ... Sansa and Jon ... sitting in a tree ... (Actually, hopefully not a Weirwood tree, because then Bran might be watching. And that never leads to anything good.)

(Later, bro.)

When it comes to "Game of Thrones," no one has more secrets than Littlefinger, and Gillen continued to share some of those with us, including if he thinks Littlefinger already knows about Jon Snow's parents, the real meaning behind the look he gave Sansa, and even how that picture of Littlefinger wearing a modern watch started circulating around the web.

Sansa denying that kiss was so cold I had to turn up the temperature in the room. What was it like filming that? What do you think was going through Littlefinger's head?

Filming anything in this series feels good, especially in snow. Look, there was a first kiss between these two in the scene in the castle courtyard in Season 4. That took her and maybe even him by surprise. Then it happened again in the Winterfell crypt last season, but she was way more self-aware and in control. So it's kind of an obvious progression that now if she doesn't want to go there, she won't, which is good for her and good for Baelish to twig onto, too. I mean, he was only ever chancing it on that front anyway and as that impulsivity, rare in him, is one thing that could bring him down, it's not a bad thing to be checked. It's a little slap on the cheek for him but not too much more and he barely faltered. It's not like she's driving him out of his mind or anything.

What do you think Littlefinger actually wants? Do you believe what he said to Sansa about the Iron Throne with her by his side?

Littlefinger does want power, respect, status, etc. I think it may be a little more complicated than him on the Iron Throne, her by his side. That may be another way of saying her on the Iron Throne, with him by her side, or standing nearby in the shadows, just like he was at the end of the last episode. We don’t always say it exactly how we see it, or we say it how we think it may best appeal. And we may be placing a prospect in someone's mind so that they react in a certain way.

What was Littlefinger thinking when everyone started chanting, "King in the North”?

Excitement. It's all kicking off, and we don’t know where it's going to go. He likes heading into periods of uncertainty.

What are your thoughts on that look Littlefinger gave Sansa while everyone was chanting "King in the North." What was the meaning? What were you trying to convey?

Well, that's in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it? We have to keep a certain amount to ourselves, and it's probably not as interesting for everything to be explained. There's the obvious note that I'm checking with Sansa on something I’ve flagged to her already this season a couple of times -- Jon Snow is not really your brother.

Image: HBO/Vanity Fair

What are your thoughts on the big reveal that Lyanna Stark is Jon Snow's mom? Do you think Littlefinger already knows?

I thought it was a great moment, but like I said earlier that while it was revealed to the audience, not many characters would know. Or if they’d kept it a secret for so long, why would they break now? Of course, it's being revealed to the audience for a reason yet to be ascertained. So does Littlefinger know? Well, now that you mention it ...

Did Littlefinger really not know about Ramsay Bolton?

Eh, yes and no. Yes, that he might be hard work, but that it was a valid if dangerous move with potential gain for Sansa and myself. Not that he was such a maniac. So it was careless, a miscalculation, and I will regret it to my dying day. That's my take on it anyway, but you’d have to ask George R.R. Martin, too.

What do you think we can expect from Littlefinger and the North in Season 7?

Not knowing is beautiful right now.

In Season 1, Littlefinger betrays Ned Stark. Is this moment still in play? What would happen if Sansa finds out?

Yes, while some things are best forgotten all those moments are always still in play. While there was always the justification of, “I tried to tell Ned, but he didn’t listen,” I still held a dagger to his throat. Not an image I would want to be in Sansa's mind. Although, she might possibly understand. Arya might understand it in a different way, of course.

Where is Jon Snow's direwolf, Ghost?

Ghost got misdirected and is in the Jon Snow Pub on Broadwick Street in London, where he’s drinking a big bowl of warm brandy-infused milk getting his strength up for next season now that winter has come.

The Knights of the Vale scene was so reminiscent of something from "Lord of the Rings." Do you think Littlefinger could secretly be Gandalf? Were the similarities ever discussed? Any homages there?

I don’t think Littlefinger and Gandalf are related. There is, of course, that similarity in showing up with the army to save the day at a crucial moment which may have been a homage, but it's also a common storytelling trope. But nothing discussed, no. Interestingly, well before that Episode 9 scene aired, there was a picture circulated and widely reported on of Littlefinger allegedly wearing a watch in a sequence in The Vale.

Gandalf has also been pictured wearing a watch while wielding a sword in "LOTR." This could mean they both have some kind of common system going on, but while I can’t vouch for Gandalf, I could see straight away that my picture, while well executed, was very obviously mocked up from an image from the opening sequence of "Dark Knight Rises." That's where the hands and watch come from -- they’re mine, but from something else. They even threw in a belt that wasn’t there and besides, I’ve never worn a watch in real life, so that could never have happened anyway. I don’t know about Ian McKellen’s watch, but it's always nice to be in stellar company on YouTube mashups.

And now his watch meme has ended.

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