LittleSis: keep an eye on the (abusive) powerful

The new accountability and transparency involves everyone keeping an eye on the the people who might be abusive of their power.

Sunlight Foundation, perhaps the leader in transparency, is asking you to test out LittleSis, a wiki created by Public Accountability Initiative, funded by Sunlight. (Yes, a pun on "big brother.") They're describing LittleSis as "an involuntary Facebook of powerful Americans."

LittleSis makes it easier than ever to see how politicians, CEOs,
lobbyists, financiers and all their "fat cat" friends are connected
through personal or business relationships. By tracking and finding
links between everything from board memberships to campaign
contributions, family ties and government contracts, LittleSis is
developing a platform that brings transparency to the influential
networks that exert significant power in shaping public policy.

LittleSis invites citizens to turn a critical eye on the individuals
who are the powerful in and out of government today. As a wiki, (a
very elegant one), anyone can sign up to become an analyst and
contribute information. Check it out, add what you know.

Ellen Miller has more about it here.