Live & Dangerous: Coachella 2016

Time to grab your desert gear and head out to Indio - because this year's Coachella Music & Arts Festival is about to kick off! The iconic SoCal festival will again take place over 2 weekends, from April 15-17 and April 22-24. This year's lineup does not disappoint, with over 100 names scheduled to perform, from legendary artists like LCD Soundsystem and Gun N' Roses, to hot pop acts like Zedd and Sia, and a ton of buzzworthy newcomers. We combed through the whole roster and handpicked 3 rising stars that we think are worth fighting the dust to see @ Coachella 2016.

WHO: Gallant
WHEN: Friday April 15th + 22nd
WHY: Ever since his track "Weight In Gold" was handpicked by Zane Lowe late last year as his first Apple Music exclusive (endorsements from Seal and Elton John haven't hurt either), Gallant has had the interwebs buzzing. The R&B crossover artist finally released his much anticipated debut album this week, and it does not disappoint. His falsetto shines on soulful tracks like "Skipping Stones" and "Bone & Tissue", and reaches such heights that it becomes almost otherworldly. Don't miss him live @ Coachella this year... his chill-inducing talent is something that needs to be seen to believe.

WHO: Lapsley
WHEN: Friday April 15th + 22nd
WHY: UK newcomer Lapsley's stunning brand of chill-pop is just starting to make its way across the pond and into the US. The now 19-year old got her start back in 2014, when her SoundCloud-released EP garnered over half a million listens and landed her a label deal and a spot on the BBC's coveted "Sound Of" 2015 long list. Lapsley's subtly produced sounds and candid lyrics make her a standout in a crowded genre, and clearly resonate with her quickly growing fanbase. Less also is more during her live shows, where her minimalist style allows for the highlight of both her vocal range and talent as a singer-songwriter. Be sure to check out this up-and-comer at this year's festival!

WHO: Bob Moses
WHEN: Friday April 15th + 22nd
WHY: Building up to their album debut (due in September), New York duo Bob Moses have been churning out catchy underground dance tunes that are impossible not to notice. Tracks like "Tearing Me Up" and "Talk" capture a unique cross between house music and shoegaze grunge, creating a sound that can light up a dancefloor while simultaneously fitting right in on your 'chill out' playlist. But Moses' live shows are far from chill - the mix of live DJ set/band and the high-energy of the pair will have you on your feet from start to finish. Don't miss this distinctive duo's sure to be packed live set @ Coachella this year.

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