'Live And Let Love,' Sweden Campaign, Shows Support For LGBT Russians

WATCH: Thousands Of Swedes Show Their Love For Russian LGBT People

Last October,we brought you the heartwarming story of 2,000 Swedes who gathered in the Olympic Stadium of Stockholm to sing the Russian national anthem in a statement of solidarity with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Russians.

Called "Live and Let Love," the final video of the event is now here and just in time for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

"For many Russians the song has been a symbol of oppression," organizers of the event said in a statement to The Huffington Post. "However, the lyrics of the song were changed in year 2000 and in 2009 a poll showed that 56 percent of respondents felt proud when hearing the anthem, and that 81 percent liked it. Still, there are many people in Russia who are not able to sing the song with pride, among them many millions of LGBT people. It is their anthem too, but the state is criminalizing their lives."

Check out the incredibly touching video above.

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