Live Below the Line: How Actress Debi Mazar Is Living on $1.50 a Day

For the 1.4 billion people worldwide living in extreme poverty, $1.50 is all they have to spend on food each day. To bring awareness to this harsh reality, the "Live Below the Line" campaign has challenged individuals to live off of that small sum for 5 days. Actress Debi Mazar and her husband, chef Gabrielle Corcos, are participating in the challenge, and shared their tips for surviving the week with HuffPost Live.

"We're going to shrink our plates, so it still looks like a lot of food. Obviously it's a very heavy carb thing," she said, listing some meal ideas that included using old bread to make the classic Tuscan vegetable soup ribollita or making basic rice and beans.

Her biggest concern was for her young daughters. "I'm actually more nervous for our children. They're used to good Tuscan food, I make some other things that aren't Italian, and they eat well."

The challenge, which is an initiative of the Global Poverty Project, runs from April 29-May 3. Joining Mazar and Corcos in the conversation were hosts Alicia Menendez and Marc Lamont Hill, as well as Mike Sacks and Abby Huntsman of HuffPost Live, The Global Poverty Project’s U.S. Country Director Michael Trainer, Megan Stone, VP of Communications for World Food Program USA and Shveta Sarin, who is participating in the Live Below the Line campaign.