Live Below The Line: Minka Kelly, Malin Akerman, Others Live On $1.50 A Day For Poverty Awareness (TWITTER SLIDESHOW)

A new campaign is challenging people to eat just $1.50 worth of food for five days -- as 1.4 billion people currently do every day.

Live Below the Line, an initiative by the Global Poverty Project, is raising awareness and funds for extreme poverty through the campaign, which lasts from May 7 through May 11.

People who sign up to live on $1.50 a day can take pledges that will benefit one of several organizations fighting extreme global poverty, including UNICEF, Malaria No More, Opportunity International and Rainforest Foundation US. At press time, the campaign had raised $87,639.

Several celebrities have joined the cause, including Minka Kelly, actress and model Malin Akerman, Kevin Connolly, Nick Lachey and Josh Groban.

Nick Lachey tweeted May 8:

"Been a long time since I've had ramen noodles, I forgot how good they are. I strongly recommend the shrimp flavor....nice!"

Want to get involved? Find out more here.

Check out #BelowTheLine Twitter reactions from participating celebrities and others: