LIVE: "DNC Leaks" Vindicate Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders

Wow... A bombshell release today from the radical transparency organization Wikileaks, containing more than 20,000 emails in all, allegedly from top officials within the DNC.

The emails, researchers and amateur Wikileaks sifters say, corroborate a view that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were largely correct in their assertion that the political establishment was swaying things in favor of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton... from very early on, even before voters had their say.

This story is still developing, and few journalists appear willing to discuss it publicly yet. The emails also appear to show an inappropriately close relationship between some at the DNC and national media outlets, including MSNBC.

So far, most of the juicy finds appear to be surfacing on Twitter. I'm retweeting the best of them from my account.

Watch our unfolding live analysis below: