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Introducing Medical Gift Registry for Patients (VIDEO)

Since entering remission a little over four years ago, Diem Brown has been working on a medical gift registry.
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Diem Brown was battling ovarian cancer when wedding and baby registry invitations began flooding her mailbox. While her friends were asking for blenders and dishware, all she wanted was a wig and some help covering her medical bills. But there were no resources for her to orchestrate these needs, and flat-out asking was awkward.

Fast forward four years, and Diem is now making this resource possible for anyone in the hospital. Since entering remission a little over four years ago, she has been working on a medical gift registry -- appropriately called which launched this week.

I met with Diem at Health 2.0 in San Francisco. She is beautiful and confident, and radiates genuine enthusiasm and compassion. From "Real World Road Rules" contestant to ovarian cancer patient to her new role as entrepreneur and executive, Diem faces adversity with grace and resilience. Check out our interview below: