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Live From Live Earth: Carbon Critics Prove Al Gore's Point

As I write this, Al Gore is on a train to New York. Yes, the train will emit carbon. Just like it will tomorrow and the next day and the next and that is the point that Live Earth makes, carbon critics be dammed.
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When Al Gore, or anyone prominent for that matter, does something for the environment, the carbon critics cry footprint foul and run up staggering numbers about the actual damage that these so called do-gooders are doing in the name of good.

When Al Gore decided to launch the LiveEarth concerts, the largest event in a series of large events meant to draw attention to a climate in crisis, it was clear that the carbon critics would go into overdrive.

Tons of carbon dioxide emitted they cry. Tons of trash left over. What a fraud. . And so forth and so on and whine whine whine.

However, as I sit here in the press bubble at LiveEarth in New Jersey, waiting for the festivities to start, it occurs to me that in their rush to cry hypocrite, the carbon critics actually prove Al Gore's point.

The issue is that too many people living on the planet produce too much carbon dioxide when they go about their daily activities. The concert that will take place here in New Jersey will fill the Meadowlands, just like every Giants and Jets game this fall.

The concert that will take place here will be like dozens or hundreds of concerts that will take place around the country and the world this summer.

And every one of them will emit carbon and trash - not because they and the concert goers are hypocritical but because they and we are human.

Our collective presence on a planet, all four billion plus of us, is simply too many people and when too many people drive too many cars, live too many lives, the earth is suffering.

Together, we cause this problem. A very real one which is not at all in dispute by the way. And together we can solve it, by collectively working together. ("The Green Book" is a great book by the way that shows how collectively, we can do good.)

Right now, Al Gore is on the train from D.C. to New York. Yes, the train will emit carbon. Just like it will when it runs tomorrow and the next day and just like every train in the world will, and that is the point that LiveEarth is going to make today, carbon critics be dammed.