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'Live From New York, It's Saturday Night!' (UPDATED)

George Takei's April Fools' Day prank was too good to be true. :(
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UPDATE: Uh oh, Uncle George got you! He is NOT scheduled to host "SNL" any time soon, though all of us at HuffPost Comedy would love it if he did. Maybe one day... until then, April Fools!

I've waited years to say these words. After a Facebook petition propelled Betty White to be invited to host Saturday Night Live back in 2010, fans of mine have clamored for me to receive a similar invitation. I demurred, but the fans kept up their pressure. And then, last week, the network called to work out the details with my husband and unofficial scheduler, Brad.

"George has to do this," they insisted. "He's a natural fit." Brad suggested we appear together as a high-profile same-sex married couple to help raise public awareness, but alas, they insisted it had to just be me.

Why now? I wondered. "You're more than just Sulu from Star Trek these days," they explained. "You've got millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter. You've got not one but two books out. You're appearing in a Broadway show" -- meaning Allegiance, inspired by my childhood experience in U.S. Internment camps -- "and now you've even launched your own fragrance. People with a lot less going on have been on."

Well, that much I couldn't dispute. After all, Lindsey Lohan went on, and we all know how that went.

No official date has been set for my appearance, but it will mark only the third time someone of Asian descent has been invited to host SNL. Before me, only Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu have appeared. That has left a rather awkward void in representation that I hope to fill.

So I'll be doing this after all. And I'm already working up my monologue. I can't tell you yet what I've got planned, but it will give fans what they have come to expect. And probably raise a lot of eyebrows.

Oh myyy, indeed.

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