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'Live From Snack Time!' Instagram Illustrates All The Hilarious Quotes Teachers Hear Their Students Say

Parents aren't the only ones who get to hear the hilarious, creative and oddly wise things their children say on a daily basis. Their kids' teachers also get quite an earful.

A New York City elementary school teacher is sharing some of her students' best quotes on an Instagram account called "Live from Snack Time!" She also invites other teachers and parents to submit standout sayings from their own students and children.

Though the teacher behind the account -- who prefers to remain anonymous out of respect for her students -- currently teaches second graders, she was inspired to launch "Live from Snack Time" on Twitter a year ago while working in a kindergarten classroom. "The way the students were responding to my teaching was too good not to share," she told The Huffington Post.

"Their thoughts are genuine and pure. The way they think out loud and try to figure out the world in a creative way makes me love my job so much! They keep me laughing from the second I walk in the door until I leave."

With the help of a friend, the self proclaimed "professional educator/eavesdropper" started adding visuals to the quotes and sharing them on Instagram in November. She also shares the quotes on a Tumblr and recently created Facebook account.

"I hope people realize how funny and curious kids can be," she said. "I recommend not taking their questions lightly, they are trying to figure out the world... but it doesn't hurt to laugh about it once in a while."

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