Live Out of Your Pockets! Let Adventure Seek You!

What would you pack if you were exploring a new city? Or camping out in a forest? Or went cave-hunting?

How many things would you need? What would you pack?

Surprisingly, you need nothing more than what you can fit into your pockets!

This live human experiment designed by the uber-cool new ad agency Brave New World challenges the POCKETMAN by pushing the limits of limits of adventure and survival with just a few pockets! On the New Myntra Roadster Pocketman!

Who is the Pocketman, anyway?- A traveller, undercover geek living in a box for two freaking days with only his stuffed pockets to figure it out! And he has 13 of them!


Caught your breath? Now catch the live action here on

Will he survive it? What do you think?

Watch him LIVE, ask him why he's doing it, toss him a challenge, or just cheer him on by tweeting to him @pocketmanlive

Wake up the adventurer in you! Be a POCKETMAN!

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